Apr 13

You Be The Judge: Can You Tell Your Neighbor What Color to Paint Their House

I saw this while surfing national news…

These people have found themselves some scapegoats so they can attempt to get a discount on their property taxes. When you move into an area without a homeowners association or covenants, this is what happens. They all moved into this area because they wanted to have the freedom to do what they wanted to their homes, but they want to take this away from their neighbors.

“We’re talking about individual rights now , but the community rights have been trespassed here also.” What does that mean exactly? The average cost of a home is Sequim is $375,000. $375,000?? If I’m paying that much for a home that’s not subject to certain covenants, then the community doesn’t have any rights.

What do you think? You be the judge.

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