Feb 07

You Are Your Biggest Hater

hatersWhat is a hater? Who is a hater? My definition- someone who has something negative to say that counters another persons good news or accomplishments. There’s nothing new about that concept. As my mom used to say, “They betrayed and didn’t like Jesus Christ, what makes you think people won’t treat you differently.” Later, she began to say, “They hated on Jesus Christ, what makes you think they won’t hate on you.” At that moment, I knew we had problems with this hating-hater concept.

So, you got a new job and your friend didn’t congratulate you – he’s hating. You have a new man and no one likes him – they are hating. Really? Just stop! Perhaps those people just don’t like you. Perhaps, it’s YOU, maybe you’ve changed. In no way am I trying to be mean, but it’s quite possible that those people may not like you and you have yet to accept this as the truth. If you are truly happy and content with who you are, what you have going on and who is in your life, then what you perceive as another person’s negative opinion or lack of approval should not even matter.

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