Jul 08

Why Wait to Holler Black Dollars?

Why does it take an unjustified, horrific murder of an innocent black man for us to decide to buy black? 

I’ve made it a way of life for me and I think others can to. I posted my rant or whatever you want to call it on Facebook and this is what it said:

“You know what, y’all can me miss me with our sporadic blackouts. Sure, not every black-owned business is operating at 100%, but let them know, at least try. Just as you fight for other establishments to fire racist waiters and doormen and to stop racist advertising, fight for your own to get better. I’m not deviating from the bigger problem at hand, because I’m hurt to my core and tired of this; however, since these senseless, unnecessary cold-blooded murders always lead us to talking about black economics, then here you go! Be about it all of the time!! #blackout #blackdollars #blackeconomicsdo better

The image reads: BLACK FOLKS: Stop only yelling “blackout” after our people are unjustly murdered. Make it a daily way of life as much as possible. It IS possible. Stop making excuses. Patronizing black-owned businesses should be a way of life for you! Your philanthropic and humanitarian efforts should be directed towards your own organizations in your communities. Sure, tragedy creates change, but why wait? Do better.

-Tonya D. Bradley, a black woman, sitting on sofa purchased from a black-owned furniture store, working on website for a black-owned boutique from which I shop!

I may delve back into this post, but I’m so damn tired and frustrated right now.


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  1. privatkredit-rechner

    Every time I see his beautiful smile, my heart breaks. He is the embodiment of Israel as it should be, a soldier of David with the Torah in one hand and the weapon inthe other. His memory will shine forever.

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