Oct 20

Why I ❤ Our Image Film and Arts Festival

Some of you may think this is a shameless promotion of the 2nd Annual Our Image Film & Arts Festival, but it’s not. (Still make sure you check out the fest schedule). I really wanted to pay homage, in a sense, to the folks behind the scenes and explain why I really do love Our Image Film & Arts Festival.

Marc Newsome and Monica Henderson aka Marc Furi & Monie Hen :), started Our Image Film & Arts in 2010. Their purpose is to promote film screenings of and discussions about works of little-known directors of color who celebrate life via honest, insightful, non-typical views of the struggles and accomplishments of people of color. As Monica explained, “The lack of exposure to and difficulty in locating such media is not only an obvious social commentary but is ethnically crippling. Mainstream/Hollywood movies often portray one dimensional African Americans, rather than exploring the rich cultural diversity that features the vast array of opinions and lifestyles that have always existed in the African American community.”

They began by having monthly film screenings at Cafe 4212 (Houston, TX), which lead into the first festival in the fall of 2010. They’ve shown films and documentaries about topics and people that I would have never known. One of the most interesting to me was “The Strange Demise of Jim Crow”. As Marc stated, it “reveals how Houston was desegregated in a quieter, stealthy fashion with behind-the-scenes negotiations and secret deals.” They’ve shown films by producers and directors right out of Houston, starring well known actors from Houston – “Blues” by Houston’s own Brandon Sonnier starring Houston’s own, Henry G. Sanders. Three of my absolute favorites, of course music related, were Raymond Gayle’s “Electric Purgatory“, which examines the struggle of the black rock musician, “Still Bill”, the documentary on soul singer Bill Withers and The Public Enemy Documentary, no explanation needed.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a close and I think very intricate part of the OI movement. I’m one of the lovely hosts and greeters along with Ms. Dana. So when you walk through the door, chances are you’re going to see my smiling face. (Despite, the rumors and captions under pictures, I’m not packing heat behind the desk.) I’ve been able to see these wonderful films, partake in great discussions, get some great photo ops :-D, and meet some absolutely wonderful people that appreciate the arts.

But, I’m still missing my photo op with H.I.S.D. What’s up with that? Yes Dana, I’m jealous.

I truly hope you guys can come out and share in the wonderfulness of the 2nd Annual Our Image Fest, it’s going to be awesomely entertaining!

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    I love it!

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