Apr 20

The Definition of Diva and It’s Possible Origins (David Sha: Guest Blogger)

David Sha is “David Sha, aka Dibidi, is an eclectic musical extremist that blurs the genre line by fusing Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Afro Rhythms, and Blues into one heavenly listening experience. He uses his deep southern spiritual background as a muse to create masterpieces that enlighten the mind, stir up the spirit, and elevate the consciousness of all generations.”

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I came across one of David’s notes on Facebook and he has graciously given me permission to repost this on Just Tonya B. The title alone reeled me in, because the word diva is a word that I’ve had a “problem” with, more so now because it has become part of an urban anthem. Enjoy…

Peace to all of Gs and G-ets around the world. I’d like to send a special “What It Is” to all of my Famo de Ugly!!! Salutations aside, I was thumbing through the dictionary when I ran across a word that caught my eye. Really it was a picture of a word that I never heard before. It was an ancient asiatic looking statue. Im an ancient history nut now, so I couldnt help but to check it out. It was called a Devi(pronounced Day-vee) Initially, I thought it was pronounced Dee-v-eye. So I looked up the word because it sounded like diva and I love finding the origins of modern day concepts.

Devi: In Hinduism- A general appellation(name) for all feminine deities(gods), especially in their demoniac(possession by a demon or suggestive of a devil) aspects.

Then, I looked up diva.

Diva:Italian-(european) An operatic prima(first or lead) donna(lady) or leading lady soloist in an opera. Goddess from Latin, feminine of divus, god. Prima Donna also is defined as a temperamental and conceited performer. Drama Queen.

Diva: Beyonce-A female version of a hustla!

So what am I saying? Basically, it seems to me that all of these sisters refering to themselves as divas are calling themselves european demonic goddesses without even knowing it. Look at the word devi. It’s only one letter short of devil. These are the same sisters dancing to Beyonce’s song Diva on friday or saturday night and then going to a church, mosque, or temple of reverence for whatever religious affiliation they are a part of. Demonic women praising God the next morning, really just a few hours later. Ironic huh?

Diva is a latin(european) word anyway. Latin was the language of ancient Rome. The ancient romans were freaks. The modern day romans are freaks. Look at the scandal of the preists molesting little boys in the roman catholic churches. The ancient romans were devilish on their own merit, so the words that they produced came from a demonic mind set. Languages are born from the minds of the people that speak them, or from whom ever taught them to speak them. That’s even more of a reason that I think Diva came from Devi. That’s a part of their legacy. Is this the language and are these the words that you want to describe yourself as? Do you want your daughters referring to themselves as demonic european female godesses? Especially if you are not european.

I’m not getting on my soap box, because until today I didnt know the difference either and I used the word Diva as a compliment. I know better now and since I do, I have no excuse. If you are reading this, then neither do you. You dig? As artist(singers,poets, Mc’s, visual) we have a responsibility to offset these definitions and images that are being forced upon our babies. We may not be able to end the madness, but at least we can provide an option.

If you have any info on words that we just throw around then put it out there. Words have power. Words produce energy, both righteous and adversarial. The reason we call ourselves minorities is because somebody told us that we were minorities. Same thing with Nigger. They defined for us who we are. Change the definitions. Transpose language. We invented language so we can use it to our benefit as opposed to our detriment.

Selah. Peace, Blessings, and Protection.



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  1. Ant

    Simply remember “Devi” is not at all (even near in any sense) “Devil”. it’s just the translation of “Goddess” (as “Dev” means god) in Hinduism.

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