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Aug 21

Oh, You Don’t Need a Man?

Lately, I’ve heard so many women say, “I don’t need a man!” It’s not a new mantra, but I’ve heard it so much more lately that it’s puzzling. Seriously though, when did needing someone become a bad thing? Why is it taboo to say that you need the person that you’ve chosen to be in …

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Aug 24

Tonya B. aka Mt. St. Helens

Mount St. Helens

Last night was the first night in several weeks that I was able to sleep. I went to sleep before midnight and I was able to sleep for more than 6 hours. 5 hours is the norm anyway, so 6 was like winning the lotto. Why did I sleep? I removed a stressor. Then I …

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Feb 10

Valentine’s Day: The Evolution

I remember when Valentine’s Day (“V-day”) was about getting that bag of 22 cards (1 big one for the teacher) and lollipops for your classmates and making homemade cards for my parents. I remember sifting through the cards trying to make sure I gave the perfect card to the right person. There were never enough …

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Oct 11

Familiarity Brings Discontent

African Proverb: Akpa le tome gake menya tsi fe vevie nyenyeo. (Ewe) English figurative translation: A fish is the last to acknowledge the existence of water. Think about the people in your life that are special to you or the people that see you as being special to them. Think about the things they’ve done …

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Jul 14

The Heart Heals Itself

To my friend LBL, I read a news article this morning about a girl that had two hearts beating inside of her. The synopsis of the story read, “Then a miracle happened, the heart healed itself…” Medically, that may very well be a miracle. However, when it comes to other matters of the heart, time …

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Apr 22

Danger, She Smashed The Homie

You would only know what the title means if you watch For the Love of Ray J or heard about it from someone who does. I don’t watch television much, but I usually get hooked on reality television shows. “For The Love of Ray J” just happened to be my top choice for this season. …

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