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Sep 04

Ponderings of an Empty Nester

I’m not sure how I thought it would be, but I seriously did not think about parenting my children post high school. My daughters are all adults – one has graduated college and the younger two are in their sophomore and junior years. Apparently, I only had visions of grandeur. I truly thought they would …

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Mar 16

Parenting 101: Sibling Fighting Is A No-No

I just read an article in Yahoo news about a woman, who hit her sister with a toilet seat lid. On the surface, one may laugh, but this crazy girl was smiling in her mug shot. (Click here for story & mug shot.) My oldest brother and I didn’t fight, but we argued. I was …

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May 09

Happy Mother’s Day To Me

Happy Mother’s Day to me! Oh yeah, to my mom, my aunts, my cousins, and to all of the mothers that I know, but more importantly – to me. It’s all about me! Why? Because I never take the time to give myself a pat on the back. All of you other moms should do …

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Apr 08

Parenting 101: Safeguard and Pay Attention to Your Children

One of the most memorable lines in a movie to me was when Doughboy (Boyz N the Hood) said, “Get them g**damn babies out the street!” How many times have you said it or at least thought it? Shoot, maybe it’s been said to you. The bottom line is that too many parents are skating …

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