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Feb 10

Valentine’s Day: The Evolution

I remember when Valentine’s Day (“V-day”) was about getting that bag of 22 cards (1 big one for the teacher) and lollipops for your classmates and making homemade cards for my parents. I remember sifting through the cards trying to make sure I gave the perfect card to the right person. There were never enough …

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Dec 31

Tonya B is Resolution Free

As I enter a new day, a new month, a new year, a new decade – the first day of 2010, I am free of resolutions. I’m sure I won’t make it to the gym as often as I should…

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Apr 13

Holiday Christians

Holiday Christian: When someone only attends church services during the holidays but not during the other days that church gatherings take place. Instead they “feel” the spirit only around times where everyone will see them at church which just happens to be at the Holidays or they feel they can’t sufficiently celebrate the holidays without …

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Dec 02

Thanksgiving Day: The Narcissistic Turkey

Quite a while has passed since I saw you last and it seems as though you’ve grown. But you opened your mouth then all went south and my liquored buzz was blown. -Tonya B. Obviously, I am not talking about the stuffed bird on the table. I am talking about a turkey that I wish …

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