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Oct 12

Economic Treason in H-Town

Article 39.2.tonyab Economic treason shall consist of actions that result in reputational damage for my word-of-mouth, an unacceptable economic cost, or a loss of economic sovereignty for TD Bradley. One of my favorite small businesses recently increased their prices by 180 – 200%. Yes, you read it right, 1-8-0 percent to 2-0-0 percent. I’ve feverishly …

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Apr 21

Don’t Throw An Extra Shrimp On The Barbi

Last year I nearly died. Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but it could have happened. I developed an allergy to shrimp…TO SHRIMP! How in the world, after all of these years, did I develop an allergy to shrimp? As many of you know, I love to eat. Food is my friend; good food is my best …

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Apr 14

Piggin’ Out On Traditions

As I sit here watching the Food Network, it dawned on me that culturally, we have not made the best food choices. I’m fully aware of some of the reasons why, I just wish we’d do better. We always joke about the things we had to eat while were growing up. However, some soul food, which some people …

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