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Nov 28

Freelance 1st Amendment: 4 Ways Not To Tick Off A Freelancer.


One of the many hats I wear is that of a freelance web designer. I love being able to help businesses and organizations develop and revamp their online presence. My clients range from those that are just starting with very little money to major organizations – from trucking to adult entertainment to retailers, I think …

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Oct 12

Economic Treason in H-Town

Article 39.2.tonyab Economic treason shall consist of actions that result in reputational damage for my word-of-mouth, an unacceptable economic cost, or a loss of economic sovereignty for TD Bradley. One of my favorite small businesses recently increased their prices by 180 – 200%. Yes, you read it right, 1-8-0 percent to 2-0-0 percent. I’ve feverishly …

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Aug 25

Freelance 1st Amendment: “Cross My Palm With Silver”

One of the biggest complaints from freelancers is about money. We’re either not getting paid or people don’t want to pay us our worth. It’s ridiculous that many of us have to fight to get paid. I don’t do it anymore, I’m far past haggling with someone else about my prices and fees. If  you …

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Apr 28

Customer Service Has Its Limits

I am not a miracle worker. I can’t do it all and reading minds will be on that list of things that I can’t do. I love what I do and I love working with my clients, but this is getting out of hand. Have I given my clients too much personal attention? Where should …

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Apr 15

Don’t Knock My Hustle

Downsizing and layoffs due to the recession have not only spawned a flux of new entrepreneurs, but has forced seasoned entrepreneurs to step up their “hustle”. By adding additional services to existing businesses and converting hobbies into businesses, there has been a significant increase in start-up businesses during the past few months. Many small businesses …

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Jul 28

Everytime You Feel Yourself Getting Lazy

This will probably be all over the place, but I’m typing it as it comes into my mind. :( Someone recently sent me a text message that read…”Every time you feel yourself getting lazy, think about your future.” I didn’t want to go to a networking event. I felt real stupid after that. Anyway… There …

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