Jan 12

Should Murders Be Released From Prison?

As a paralegal, I’ve worked in many different settings and I’ve seen many brutal things and I did not believe that I could ever be re-sensitized to having any type of emotions for brutal occurrences. The other night I was watching The First 48, which is one of my favorite shows, but never has anything on this show ever brought me to tears. Apparently this is a repeat show, but I have never seen it. Jessie Dotson, a 14-year prison veteran was released after serving what I don’t feel was a long enough term for second-degree murder. He was out for a very short time before he killed again. He killed part of his family…his brother, 3 other adults, and tried to take the lives of the two young children because they saw what he did to the adults. The children lived, but were brutally beaten.
To watch his confession was gut-wrenching and then this fool asked for his momma. I’m thinking…”What in the world are you going to say to your mother? You just took her other son’s life and now you are going back to prison!”
I’m absolutely puzzled as to what instills that level of rage in a person. So, I ask…should murders be released from prison? I’m not talking about cases of self-defense. I’m talking about cold blooded, heartless murders!
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  1. Big Will

    No. Consequences and Reps. Everything is relative. Cold Blooded murder equals cold blooded time or cold blooded lethal injection.

  2. Tonya B.

    I agree Big Will; however I’m not sure if I’m all the way with you about the lethal injection. I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to the death penalty.

  3. The Man Child Swag:

    An eye for an eye… that’s what the Good Book says. It’s not easy to feel that all murderers should be jailed for life though – there are circumstances that certainly outweigh mandatory punitive sentences. What if you HAD to murder someone in hopes of saving someone else’s life?

  4. Tonya B.

    Okay, MCSwag…my legal side is battling my emotinal side. I’m hardly ever lost for words, but let me think this out some. I’ll get back with an in-depth response. Meanwhile, I would only HAVE to kill for my fam and my friends, well some (I’m jus sayin’). It still boils down to the circumstances. What if I ride to the store with my cousin Joe and my cousin Joe decides to rob the store. Well the store owner isn’t having it and follows Joe to the car with a weapon of his choice. I stay strapped, yeah I said it…so what do I do? Do I save Joe’s life? The thoughts that I are quickly running through my mind are:
    1. What the F@%$ is going on?
    2. This fool has lost his mind.
    3. I don’t have time for this shiznit.
    4. All he had to do was ask me for some money.
    5. Shoot, this man is about to kill my cousin, but my cousin tried to take his stuff.
    6. If I drive off, then I’m in trouble too.
    7. Do I really like Joe?

    Man, forget this…I finally say Joe get the F out and then I drive off. I’m not trying to make light of the topic; this is just a scenario.

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