Apr 16

She’s Still A Queen

I go to Starbucks often to work and I always see the same woman every time I’m there. I’ve never spoken to her outside of saying, “Hello.” She is always smiling and she stays to herself. For some reason, I was drawn to sit next to her one day. I decided to talk to her, mainly because I wanted to know why she was in Starbucks like me. I assumed that she owned a business or something and I wanted to know more about it.

To my surprise, I got way more than I expected. This woman’s story is so amazing and very encouraging. I knew that crossing her path was not a coincidence. I won’t share all of her story here, but I will give you a synopsis. She is an entrepreneur that has recently lost her job and home. She is a single parent and her family resources here in Houston are limited and not always amicable. Her friend resources are also limited, because she lost a lot of friends when she lost her house and her job. She works very hard every day to earn money because she has to provide a place so she and her children can eat, sleep, and bathe. She often gets motel rooms; the cheapest room runs about $50 per day and if she can’t provide it, they sleep in the car.

I asked her why she wouldn’t go to a shelter. She said that she went to one local shelter when she was on the verge of losing her home. The shelter would not accept her and her children. It was such a difficult and humbling experience that she can’t compel herself to ask anyone else for help. To top it off her family wouldn’t allow her to live them for a while. She said that she that it’s very hard especially going through this with her children watching. She said that her children are strong and they support her. The strangest thing is that they are happy. She firmly stated, while keeping that smile on her face that she wasn’t going to worry much, because she was brought on this journey for a reason.

There’s so much more to this story and it’s absolutely unbelievable, because this woman has a very troubled past. She has so much strength and perseverance that she is definitely destined to do great things. She is not someone I would have envisioned as being homeless, jobless, and without steady income. But, what face would you give homelessness and unemployment?
We really need to stop complaining.

Shes still a queen



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  1. KK

    This is an amazing story. There are so many going through the same struggles right now. I truly believe that how you embrace your circumstance will impact your future. I feel that during this calamity so many people character is being developed and they becoming stronger and more balanced.

    How do you gain if you’ve never given up anything!

    I am really enjoying you and Manchild Swagger blogs!

  2. TMS

    This is a great story… and a reminder of just how humble and thankful we should be. I often find that the will of man is tested in times of adversity and it amazes me to read and hear of stories like this.

  3. AnDrea

    Your title is absolutely perfect…without knowing the whole story, the fact that she was openly willing to share it with you and smile says so much. She must know God…she must. And it goes to show you that nothing is ever promised, so we must simply play those cards to the best of our ability. I agree with KK…love the marathon!

  4. Tonya B.

    It really is hard out there for many people and it’s more difficult now to get things back together. She is a very strong woman to be able to smile and laugh without a thought. It definitely is in her spirit. I hear too much that people have taken their lives because they couldn’t handle these types of situations.

    If you know someone that’s having similar struggles, just spend some time talking with them; I’m sure it helps get through each day. Empathy goes a long way.

    Thank all of you for reading our blogs and supporting us during this marathon.

  5. Anonymous

    I was moved……and that says alot. Did you at least pay for her coffee???? Comish

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