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Sh*@ Happens…But Why To Tonya B?


Update (July 2014): I absolutely DO have lupus. It’s confirmed, multiple doctors, breakdown of blood tests, better doctors. 

Original Post: I’m not sure if I should be happy and relieved or if I should be ticked off and frustrated. The bottom line is that they were wrong and the best they could do was send me a freakin’ letter in the mail. Over a year ago, I revealed to the world – well, my readers (it’s the world to me), that I had lupus (Me and My Buddy Lupus). About a month ago, the doctors revealed to me, that I actually don’t have lupus, but “possibly” something similar. Hold up, stop the presses! After years of mental anguish, unneeded medication (which caused hair loss. I am not my hair, but I’m just saying), hospitalization, etc…I don’t have lupus?! So, now what?

Although the letter was apologetic, I’m thinking it could have been a better way to say to me, “you have been misdiagnosed with lupus…continue to see your rheumatologist…contact our offices to further discuss your health and continued treatments.” Perhaps they could have called me up, took me to lunch, cut me a check – you know, something simple. So this morning, I decided to hit the doc on her cell and chop it up a little bit (I’ve always wanted to say “chop it up”), because I realized that the statement about continued treatments meant something was still wrong. The conversation:

“What’s up doc, this is Tonya B.”

“Hey Tonya, how are you? How’s your family?”

“All is well, with all things considered. Do you have a moment, I want to talk to you about this lupus fiasco that you’ve created.” She laughs, because she knows I can be a jerk at times.

“I want you to come into the office, because it’s possible that you have Fibromyalgia.”

“What the hell is that? Is it serious, life threatening? And can you spell it for me please?”

“It’s an ailment that causes…”

I tuned her out because at this point I was in front of the computer on WebMD. I finally heard her ask, “Can we schedule an appointment?” I said, “You know doc, I’m self-employed. I really don’t have the money to be messin’ around with y’all. Besides, can I get some back pay or credit to all of the unnecessary money I spent because of this lupus fiasco?” She laughs again.

I am the one that continued to push them to absolutely prove that I did indeed have lupus, because I didn’t believe it. I’m one of those people that don’t like to go to the doctor. I would rather self diagnose, self-medicate, forget about it and just believe that I would heal on my own. It’s not like I stopped doing the things that I wanted to do anyway. I did stop dancing on top of tables, but I think that just came with age. I know that I joke a lot, but I really have no idea why *ish like this happens to me. Either way, I’m not going to stop supporting the cause for finding a cure to lupus. It’s something, among many other causes, that we need to continue to bring awareness. This was my main purpose for sharing with you this morning. So get to work and I’m going in to get poked, prodded, and lied to some more.

“I recently went to a new doctor and noticed he was located in something called the Professional Building. I felt better right away.”– George Carlin

(hehe…to my doctor friends: I love you!!!)


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  1. Mosaic

    The good news is you do not have lupus! I am happy about that. I do hope that “they” figure out what is ailing you. I know what it feels like to get dismal news from your doctor because I have an incurable disorder. Please do not forget about it. Continue to do your own research. We tend to forget that medicine is referred to as a “practice” for a reason. Most of the time, the doctors have no idea what is wrong. They just practice until they figure it out, and come up with a drug for you to take. I won’t get on that soap-box, because I’m a strong believer in natural remedies as opposed to drugs. However, I do believe that after you’ve done your homework, you should go see your doctor.

    De-stress your life, eat healthy, get some exercise, and get your beauty sleep; you will be surprised as to how those four things can cure most ailments. Good luck to you on your journey to solve the mystery of your illness.

    No more dancing on the tables…that doesn’t mean that we don’t still love the stage…don’t stop “Rolling on a River”…

  2. JustTonyaB

    Yes, that was very good news and I can mentally deal with the ‘F’ word that I still have trouble pronouncing. Hearing the doctor say there’s no cure for something just makes me say, “why the heck am I going to the doctor anyway.” I will do better though. You are like my mom with the natural remedies, but it’s obviously working. Thanks for your insight, because sometimes I get into my “doctors are just out to make money” tirade. I will attempt to live better and de-stress, because I surely can’t de-drama, lol!!

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