Aug 05

Respect the Process – Weight Loss After Prednisone










I’m going to stop short of being disrespectful to some of you with this post, but I need you to understand that my health journey is just that…mine. I remember when I got up to a size 9/10. I was so disgusted that I stopped buying new clothes. I remember when I got to the point of maxing out a size 6, I cried in the dressing room. So, when I tell you this and you laugh and say, “I haven’t  been a size six since I was in the 5th grade,” then I’m going to be upset. I wouldn’t care if you were born wearing a size 14. Does you being big (“naturally”) diminish my suffering? No, respect my process.

For those of you that tell me I don’t need to lose any more weight, just stop. We are so culturally inclined to think that thick is fine, that we don’t understand that the masses of our culture are unhealthy. Thick is not fine for everybody. It might be okay for a taller woman, but not on my petite frame. I’m 4’10 and weighed 143.6 pounds. I WAS OBESE! The medicine caused weight gain, I had an increased appetite, I was nearly diabetic, and I couldn’t breathe properly. Although I finally broke a 20-pound  weight loss, technically, I’m still overweight and I still can’t fit my darn clothes.  Since you are not contributing to a new wardrobe or my health foods and supplements, respect the process.

The truth of the matter is that I can have another lupus flare at any given moment. I need to take care of myself and get to a place that’s comfortable for me. Trust me, just because I got better and decreased the dosage of the medicine (yes, I’m still taking it), doesn’t mean the weight just fell off. I had to work. and I’m going to continue to work until I am a slim, sexy size 2/4 , small/xs again. You dig?  I love it enough for everybody.  You ain’t got to like it. Respect the process!

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