Mar 25

Random Thoughts: Old School Fool

All day long I’ve been having random thoughts about “back in the day.”

~When I was in Chicago we would be ecstatic to get a dollar. We’d go down to the corner store and buy 50 cents worth of penny candy, a couple of moon cookies, a pop, and a small paper bag full of Ruffles potato chips with hot sauce on them…what ya’ll know about that? I used take my thin liquorice strings and stick them in my 7-Up. Or get a pickle and put the peppermint sticks in the middle of it. Did any of you use to call Jolly Ranchers wine candy?
~My oldest brother and I used to put on talent shows, with only us two as the talent and charge people to get in. We watched way too much Good Times. The most unbelievable thing is that kids would pay to come see us act a darn fool, lol.
~The first movie that I ever saw on the big screen was Friday the 13th at a drive-in Theatre. I thought the little speaker box was the coolest thing. Have you ever gone to a ghetto drive-in and that sucker didn’t work? Anyway – I remember that I was sitting in the front seat with my mommy and she was combing my hair (which means I left out of the house looking a mess…hmmm). When that body popped up out of that water, I flipped from the front seat to the back like I was in the UniverSoul Circus…no lie. Come to think about it, and I just thought about it, the second movie I ever saw was The Shining , which came out in the same year. What the hell were my parents thinking? I have to say though, I LOVE horror movies to this day!
~My parents used have house parties all of the time! All the grown ups would be in the front and ALL of the children would be in one room. How did they expect us not to break things? My brother and I would take turns “DJing” to see who could play the better grouping of songs. We’d stack our 45s and let them drop, but we had to hurry up and go back in the room. When we thought no one was paying attention 2-3 of us would sneak up the hallway and secretly watch. There was always one dummy that caught. Sometimes we’d purposely lock someone out of the room so they would get caught.
Also, my dad used to manage a bar and we’d go up there all of the time. This is where I learned to play spades, dominos, and the art of shooting pool. I still just know the art, I don’t have the skills. Another “what the hell were my parents thinking” moment. Why was I, an adolescent, in a bar chillin’? Do any of ya’ll remember those mini cans of beer they used to sell? I’m just asking.
~As we were young, we were also foolish. I had to be around 8 years old and about as big as a present day kindergartener. One day we were walking down the street and a crew from one of the local gangs drove by. I can’t remember if it was the Warlords or the Vice Lords, but with the crap we did, it didn’t matter. We threw up the rival gangs sign, not thinking that was the wrong then to do. We heard those tires screech, turned around to look (briefly), and took off running. We ran for blocks and blocks, not knowing if they’d really do something to us or if they were trying to scare us. Thankfully, Chi-town has plenty of alleys and back porch steps. Needless to say, we never did that mess again, but we didn’t go outside for a couple of days. OMG, that is so funny to me now. We were so mischievous.
~Do you remember those metal ice cube trays that use to mess your hands up?! You’d have to run water on those things because the little contraption didn’t work. And that Bootsy album that had the punch out glasses -it’s Bootzilla, baby! :-D
Oh well, enough of my reminiscing, I’ve only come to the conclusion that I miss being a kid, I was bad, and my parents were nuts. However, I had lots of fun back then and I still am having fun. I’m also thankful that I now have a group of friends that know how to give a good house party!
Back to 2009…for now.


  1. Admin_2

    Great story! I liked the Vice Lord Warrior story.

  2. Tonya B.

    Admin_2, thanks for stopping by. At the time I surely didn’t understand the severity of that situation. How would the Gaylords had dealt with something like that?

  3. Anonymous

    That is a good question. Both gangs were so large with so many members that it is hard to tell who would react to what. It is dangerous to false-flag any gang. The best advice: if someone represents to you not to throw anything back. If they do a security check, you say: “I am not in a gang.” That is the best advice that I can give.

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