Jan 03

Ode To Kris Brown: From My Facebook Friends

20071104_zaf_cm3_060.jpgI don’t think that I’ve ever actually sat and watched Facebook statuses until today. What grasped my attention were the comments about the Houston Texans kicker Kris Brown. You guys gave him a hard time today, but it surely made me laugh! Perhaps your comments and/or status appears below:

1. R.D.Y- “Now paging Toni Fritsch, Al Del Greco, Skip Butler and even George Blanda. Please report to Reliant Stadium immediately. Thank you.”

2. Ron C. – “Kris Brown sucks to the Suckiest Infinity” 

3. Comedian Ezra Washington – “Texan’s kicker Kris Brown just yelled that he’ll KICK MY A** if I yell one more INSULT @ him! Why am I not SCURRRED? Tell Me Ya’ll!”

4. C. Cross – “Ok, for real. Who is this guy? We NEED a new kicker!”

5. Tiffinay – “Really. Are you freakin’ kidding me?”

6. Toni – “I’m going to need my HLW Tailgators and friends to find Kris Brown, win or lose and KICK HIS A$$!!!”
~K. Terrell – Who has bail money? I will do it.
~Toni – We’ll take a collection from the fans as they are leaving. That should be enough for bail and a lawyer.

7. K. Jacobs – “Does anybody know David Beckam’s number, because Mr. Brown – I don’t think you’re going to make it next season. If we don’t draft a kicker I’m going question being a Texans fan next year…”

8. Kenyon Terrell – “If Kris Brown is on the team in the morning, the Texans can keep my season tickets! I mean it!!”

9. Comedian Ezra Washington – “I figured it out! Kris Brown got his Kickin’ Cleats @ Payless because his BOOKIE PAYS MORE!”

10. Kenyon Terrell – “People who need to go: Kris Brown, Daunta Robinson, Jacoby Jones, Kris Brown, Chris Brown, Ryan Moats, Kris Brown, Defensive Coordinator, Kris Brown – did I mention Kris Brown?

11. Toni – “That was a goodbye hug. ”
Comments: K. Terrell – He probably told him thanks for being here but don’t even take a shower. Just get your stuff and go!

12. Comedian Ezra Washington: “Houston Texans Kicker(er) Kris (Mis) Brown was spotted walking down Kirby! Apparently, he MISSED his ride too! Lil PUNK”

As a die hard sports fan, I know it is difficult to watch our teams or particular players constantly make costly mistakes. Believe me I understand – I’m an Oakland Raiders fan and Al Davis and Jemarcus Russell are really not my favorite people. I just wonder if we as fans are too hard on the sports organizations and if the sports organizations really care. Do we feel that their high salaries and the expenditures we incur to support them justify our reactions? Are the commissioners, owners, and players only concerned about the bottom dollar? (It makes me wonder after that blackout rule.)

[Big ups to the Raiders for doing better than last season. At the time of writing this blog, it didn’t look like Cincinnati was going to pull it off to help the Texans get a playoff spot…maybe next year.]

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