Apr 30

My Strength Circle

I’ve never been one to get very close to too many people or just have a huge circle of friends. Because I’m in the public eye more, I do know many more people than ever before. Although I know many, I’m only close to a small group and of that small group, there is a handful that I call “My Strength Circle”.
My strength circle helps me focus and reflect, thus creating a stronger me. With every conversation that I have with either of them, no matter how trivial, I leave with very positive energy and more knowledge. I hope that in some aspect, I provide them with the same.
Everyone in my strength circle lifts me up. Everyone in my strength circle has positive energy. Everyone in my strength circle are soul-filled people that have been such a blessing to me. Strangely, by circumstance, everyone in my strength circle are connected in some way…talk about synergy!! I just want to thank you all for your friendship and guidance. Everything that you’ve shared with me has made me better in some way and I appreciate you. So, I hope you appreciate this AND not think that it’s too sappy AND still remain friends with me even after putting you on blast in such a way. :-D


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  1. Asar Imhotep

    In African wisdom centers we teach and communicate through proverbs. I think these speak to this post. Firstly, I am humbled by your words and the feeling is mutual. I affirm what has already been stated by others. And now the proverbs:

    Friendship is more beautiful than brotherhood.

    If a person goes away from home with a good friend, she does not mind being in foreign lands.

    A little service out of friendship is worth more than a great service that is forced.

    Without befriending others, you won’t know who brews the best beer.

    Friendship with the ferryman since the dry season makes you first to cross when the rains come.

    If you do not have a friend, you are not human.

    A friend is the one who praises you when you are not there.

    – Asar Imhotep

  2. Tonya B.

    Okay Asar, the flood gates have officially opened. Thank you.

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