Jun 02

Lyrically Speaking

musicI’m going to put my inner ratchetness aside and be serious. Today’s blog challenge is to chose and write about three of my favorite songs. I have so many favorite songs,  so I decided to write about the first three to came to mind.

1. UnWritten

I just listened to it again, it makes me feel the same way I felt when I heard it the first time. I get chills, I get excited, and I cry. It’s a light-hearted, encouraging song. I truly feel like I can accomplish anything after listening to it. When I first heard it, I was in a transition period (as always). I was coming out of my shell – the shell that no one believes that I have or have ever had. I was advancing in Corporate America and my business was blossoming. I was no longer fearful about things, mainly succeeding. I was feeling positive about myself and I felt nothing could hold me back. Tonya fact: This was my first karaoke song ever in life.

2. Strawberry Letter 23

This is just a cool ass song! This is your Uncle Larry’s ‘rolling down the street in the Summer, because he’s too cool for you’ song. It’s a song that I can make mean anything that I want it to mean; it’s peaceful and relaxing.  It’s a love song, but what does, “In the garden I see west purple shower, bells and tea. Orange birds and river cousins dressed in green” mean? Nothing? The lyrics don’t mean a darn thing, but it’s so fly. In my opinion, the lyrics that brings the entire song together are, “If you arrive and don’t see me, I’m going to be with my baby. I am free, flying in her arms, over the sea.” That’s all that matters…being with my baby. Hey SD honey, baby… :-)

3. Disco Lady

Get it JT!! If I had theme song, this would be it!! I’d walk through every door swinging my hips like Thelma on Good Times. Plain and simple…I love to dance! I’m ready to go the hole-in-the-wall.

Bonus: Good Times reference…

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” – George Carlin

**Blog Encouragers 30-Day Summer Challenge**

Day 2 prompt: Pick 3 of your favorite songs. Write about how they make you feel. Do you feel contentment, peace, encouragement, determination? Why?

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