Dec 04

Love is Like Riding a Bike. Right?

bike fall

I got my first bike when I was 5-years old and although I couldn’t ride alone, I could pump someone else on the back without falling. Apparently, the extra person provided the needed balance. I didn’t learn how to ride alone until I was 9. I remember that we were living out by Hobby Airport, in Houston. There were no sidewalks on this one particular side street and the ditches were HUGE. They were large enough that cars could get lost in them… no lie. My lovely brother decided that this street was the perfect street to teach me how to ride my new bike. Not only did I learn how to ride, I learned how not to veer off to the left into oncoming traffic or to the right – taking a tumble into the ditch. I learned how to get mud out of my hair, mouth, socks, and bike streamers. I learned how many times I could actually take that tumble into the ditch before I cried. More importantly, I learned a little more perseverance, a little more patience and that my brother really did care about me. Not once did he laugh and each time, he helped me out of the ditch.  (He laughed later at home.)

All of that brings me to this love thing. Sometimes I believe that we live in a society where people choose not to care about other people. I just don’t understand that, because caring about others is normal and natural. Why would you choose to be in a loveless, lonely world? Because you’ve been hurt before? So what? That’s like saying you’re  not going to continue to learn how to ride a bike because you fell. That’s crazy and all you need to do is take a moment, take a breath or two, then get back on the darn bike. That’s the same thing with love – take a moment, a breath or two…or several, then get back in the game.

There’s nothing wrong with being hurt behind a relationship not working out or the fact that love has been fleeting. We may not always have that extra balance to prevent us from falling, but there’s also nothing wrong with starting over and giving it another shot.  If we didn’t fall, we wouldn’t learn and we wouldn’t be put in a position to receive that helping hand “out of the ditch”. You know what I mean? So, try opening up your hearts a little. It makes for a happier life.

“When you fall in love, the natural thing to do is give yourself to it. That’s what I think. It’s just a form of sincerity.”― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

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