Apr 13

Holiday Christians

Holiday Christian: When someone only attends church services during the holidays but not during the other days that church gatherings take place. Instead they “feel” the spirit only around times where everyone will see them at church which just happens to be at the Holidays or they feel they can’t sufficiently celebrate the holidays without going to church and paying their dues. (Urban Dictionary.com)

Yesterday, I received so many calls and text messages from people asking me if had gone or if I was going to church. I kindly replied, “No.” No one asked me last week if I was going to church and no one is going to ask me if I am going to church this Sunday. So why am I being asked this on Easter Sunday? What really got my goat are the people who don’t normally go to church at all asking me this. What the hell? Oops, sorry…I guess I shouldn’t have typed that while talking about holiday Christians. Only going to church on New Year’s Eve, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas is a complete hypocrisy when you don’t regularly attend anyway. You know I love you guys, but come on now, let’s keep it real. I’ll tell you what, if you keep up the trend you started on Easter Sunday for at least 3 months, I will believe that your actions are sincere. I may just even visit your new church home.

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. ~Dalai Lama

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  1. TMS

    Preach Tonya! I actually heard that a few of these folks left church, dropped off the kids, then headed to a few of the day parties jumping off – I mean, c’mon now, you can’t be doing the stanky leg in your church clothes!

    But how would you classify these folks?? Would they also be considered “Holiday Christians” too??

  2. Tonya B.

    TMS thanks for your comment. Here are comments from another blog site:

    C1. “I TOTALLY agree!! My church seemed like it was “overly packed” yesterday, LOL The visitors, I’m sure, had a wonderful time in the Lord and heard a profound word. However, just like you said, will you be back this Sunday or any after that?”

    C2. “If some have to take Baby steps then let them. At least and I hope they came that day to say THANK YOU JESUS for taking my sins for me and THANK YOU LORD FOR SENDING YOUR SON to be able to do it! now if you want to talk How about the regulars that walk out as the preacher is asking for others too come and join and give themselves to the LORD”

    That’s the same question I want answered. Will you be back next Sunday? I’m not saying that there is a wrong time to start attending church on a regular basis. I’m saying that it’s wrong to go only on holidays; people need to stop fronting. You can’t be saved on Easter Sunday then a heathen the next four Sundays. Granted, I may not be the best person to talk, because by no means can I be compared to Mary Magdalene. I just feel it’s a hypocrisy and people do it to be seen, but if it makes them feel good then who am I to judge.

    As far as saying, “THANK YOU JESUS for taking my sins for me and THANK YOU LORD FOR SENDING YOUR SON “, all Christians should be praying this every morning, through out the day, and at night. I don’t think it’s fair for folks to get “holier than though” with others around the holidays because they didn‘t get super fly in their colorful suits and hit the runway of pews.

    I know for a fact that some of them left church, got something to eat, and rushed to see Biz Markie so they could get in free before 5, lol. I’m sure most strategically dressed for church and the club, I‘ve seen what some do after bible study on Wednesdays. No, I don’t consider this group of people to be holiday Christians. These are the Christians that are still trying to find their way, which is common. They probably go to church on most Sundays, but still lead a lifestyle that keeps them from fully submitting themselves to Christ. Because of this, I can’t say that there’s anything wrong with singing “blame it on the ah-ah-ah-ah alcohol a couple of hours after singing “I know it was the blood.“ There is something wrong with being a holiday Christian.

    Holler back…

  3. ThaQuiet1

    We usually go home for most holidays, Easter included, just to be around family. I have been in church all my life and my relationship with my Daddy (God) is pretty tight. This past weekend was the best because Saturday, I told my mother that I didn’t bring any of my daughter’s church clothes because I would go and pick her up something to wear because she need some new shoes for church anyway (you know, fall/winter months are over and it’s killing me that my baby is still wearing these black patent leather shoes!!) I digress… So, my mom tells me, don’t even worry about going to buy her anything, why don’t we just stay at home? I was thinking…??? Stay at home mama?? But…but we…I mean it’s…she said yeah, let’s just stay home. Then she went on a rampage about how she get tired of having to spend so much time tryin to find a parking space and find a seat for these CME members! She refer to the people that don’t normally come to church except on holidays as CME members, since they don’t show up but for Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter, thus CME. After she stated why, I thought about it and was like…you damn right! (of course I wasn’t stupid enough to SAY that but you know, hey, I was thinking it) so we did not go and I think I actually enjoyed the break of not going Sunday, and according to my mom, for good enough reason. We had a great Easter Sunday.

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