Jul 28

Everytime You Feel Yourself Getting Lazy

This will probably be all over the place, but I’m typing it as it comes into my mind. :(

Someone recently sent me a text message that read…”Every time you feel yourself getting lazy, think about your future.” I didn’t want to go to a networking event. I felt real stupid after that. Anyway…

There is a lot of internal chatter going on in my brain, and it is not making a whole lot of sense to me right now. My subconscious is working through issues and ideas and I’m quite sure it’s working on more than I am fully aware of at this point. I know that things will come to the surface and start to make sense later, when it’s time to act. So for now, I am trying to distract myself by being with the people I love and keeping things light and fun. I am adamant about getting my business off the ground, starting something new, and pushing toward my goals and experiences that I desire. The universe is giving me opportunities to initiate new schemes, social plans and personal projects — and I should try to take advantage of at least one.

Many of you know that have a million things going in in my life. You also know that there is an internal fire within me that just won’t stop burning. I doubt if it every will. So, if I’m going a mile a minute, just try to keep up. I’ll pump the brakes eventually…maybe just long enough to get out of the speed trap…you feel me?

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