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May 06

Voices of Hope – A Black Tie Affair in Support of Homelessness

I was absolutely thrilled when I heard about The Black Tie Affair – Voices of Hope. I am always supportive of my friends and even more so when they are selfless and show themselves as true humanitarians. On May 28, 2011, Andrea’s Hope & Noah Rattler will come together raise awareness for hunger and homelessness …

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Aug 04

Le Tour De Autobus: Part II – I Don’t Know How to Mind My Own Business

The last blog I wrote was about the funny occurrences that I had on one of my bus trips through the city. It was tongue-in-cheek, but there were some social matters that came up that I wasn’t very happy about. I’ve been told that I need to mind my own business, perhaps I should. I’m …

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May 01

Teen Pregnancy: My Story – Can we stop the cycle?

How did an academically excellent student, class officer & athlete end up pregnant? Being a teen mom was one of the hardest things I’ve endured in my life. When I got pregnant, I was ousted by my dad, my coach, some teachers, and my mom. I was told that I should consider abortion, that I …

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