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Jun 29

Who Put Tonya B in the Corner?

Sometimes I wish my mom had put me in time out instead of whipping my butt. One of my cousins use to say, “I don’t mind getting whippings; it only lasts as long as you’re getting it.“ The same could be said about being in time out, but at least I would have had time to reflect on the dumb thing I did to get in trouble in the first place.

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Apr 13

The 30-Day Marathon Begins: 30 Blogs in 30 Days – Just Tonya B. & The ManChild Swagga

Today is the first day of the marathon and I’m very excited to get started. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks telling everyone about the marathon and biggest question has been, “Why are you doing this?” Not only will this challenge help me improve my writing skills, but I do believe it will also …

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