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Apr 17

Moving Chronicles: Wine Cures All

As I was packing, I remembered the most important struggle of all time…never pack away the corkscrew!

May 18

Hmm…what have I done?

Hello everyone, I have no idea what feedburner is doing or why it’s sending out these random blogs. I guess that means that I need to blog, huh? I will soon and I apologize for the email. It’s not some ploy just to get you to visit my blog, lol. Have a great day! Best …

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Apr 21

Don’t Throw An Extra Shrimp On The Barbi

Last year I nearly died. Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but it could have happened. I developed an allergy to shrimp…TO SHRIMP! How in the world, after all of these years, did I develop an allergy to shrimp? As many of you know, I love to eat. Food is my friend; good food is my best …

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