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May 01

It’s Moving Day!

moving day

What’s the big deal about me buying a house? 1. It’s a big deal. 2. It was really hard for me. 3. Seven years ago I was homeless. The only roof over my head was the roof of a car that I was trying to keep from being repossessed. It was around the time that …

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Jul 08

Why Wait to Holler Black Dollars?

Why does it take an unjustified, horrific murder of an innocent black man for us to decide to buy black?  I’ve made it a way of life for me and I think others can to. I posted my rant or whatever you want to call it on Facebook and this is what it said: “You …

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Jul 04

My Personal Independence: My New Year

“The Law of Order exists when the observing mind can accept what is, regardless of the appearance of chaos.” Reflection: As I embark upon MY new year, my birthday, I can only reflect on how thankful I am to be here. This is the time of year when I typically have my annual exam and …

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Jun 06

The Fire Across the Street

In the wee hours of the morning, I was awakened by the sound of someone banging on doors. The people that live in the small complex across the street are a bit lively, so I thought nothing of it. I heard screams and someone yell, “Call 911, _____’s apartment is on fire!” Oh snap, this …

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Apr 17

Moving Chronicles: Wine Cures All

As I was packing, I remembered the most important struggle of all time…never pack away the corkscrew!

Feb 08

If Venus Can Do It, So Can I – AutoImmune Disorders

I was recently doing some late night research to develop a better understanding of these various autoimmune illnesses that I’m so fortunate to have and to find supportive resources, groups, and organizations. I became increasingly annoyed when I saw that the faces of many of these organizations, particularly the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation, look nothing like …

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