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Feb 01

Sh*@ Happens…But Why To Tonya B?

I’m not sure if I should be happy and relieved or if I should be ticked off and frustrated. The bottom line is that they were wrong and the best they could do was send me a freakin’ letter in the mail.

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Apr 14

Piggin’ Out On Traditions

As I sit here watching the Food Network, it dawned on me that culturally, we have not made the best food choices. I’m fully aware of some of the reasons why, I just wish we’d do better. We always joke about the things we had to eat while were growing up. However, some soul food, which some people …

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Aug 27

Me and my buddy lupus

I’ve recently revealed to the world, well all of the people that I know, that I have lupus. That was a big step for me, but I felt it was time to offer some insight into why I am not always my usual super-hyper, super-happy self. I want to thank all of you that have …

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