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Jul 04

My Personal Independence: My New Year

“The Law of Order exists when the observing mind can accept what is, regardless of the appearance of chaos.” Reflection: As I embark upon MY new year, my birthday, I can only reflect on how thankful I am to be here. This is the time of year when I typically have my annual exam and …

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Jun 08


Apparently, today was National Best Friend Day. Well, I guess there’s no need for me to celebrate, because I don’t have a best friend. Am I weird? Do I have some type of psychological problem? Don’t get me wrong, I have friends. I have quite a few people that will be there when I need …

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Apr 16

6 Years Ago Today…

Six years ago today, I wrote She’s Still A Queen. (I only knew that because of the TimeHop app, so this particular writing wasn’t planned and I should be on my way to work right now.) Only a handful of people knew that She’s Still A Queen is about me. When I wrote it, although I was deeply …

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Feb 07

You Are Your Biggest Hater

What is a hater? Who is a hater? My definition- someone who has something negative to say that counters another persons good news or accomplishments. There’s nothing new about that concept. As my mom used to say, “They betrayed and didn’t like Jesus Christ, what makes you think people won’t treat you differently.” Later, she …

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Jan 06

A Picture is Worth a Bucket of Smiles


There goes the sound of the Facebook notification on my cell phone. At first thought, I wondered who in the world was tagging me in something. Then, I saw that it was a couple of pictures from my friend Dana, who I haven’t seen in a while. Where could these pictures have come from, since …

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Feb 22

Missing Child Alert: Tesia Isabel (My Friend’s Daughter)

“Sitting here watching the front door, wishing that the last 18 days have been a nightmare and she would come home as normal.” As I read this, a personal friend’s post, I could do nothing but cry. Their 15-year old daughter has been missing since early February. My heart breaks for them and I can …

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