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Sep 04

Ponderings of an Empty Nester

I’m not sure how I thought it would be, but I seriously did not think about parenting my children post high school. My daughters are all adults – one has graduated college and the younger two are in their sophomore and junior years. Apparently, I only had visions of grandeur. I truly thought they would …

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Apr 16

6 Years Ago Today…

Six years ago today, I wrote She’s Still A Queen. (I only knew that because of the TimeHop app, so this particular writing wasn’t planned and I should be on my way to work right now.) Only a handful of people knew that She’s Still A Queen is about me. When I wrote it, although I was deeply …

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Jan 06

A Picture is Worth a Bucket of Smiles


There goes the sound of the Facebook notification on my cell phone. At first thought, I wondered who in the world was tagging me in something. Then, I saw that it was a couple of pictures from my friend Dana, who I haven’t seen in a while. Where could these pictures have come from, since …

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Aug 27

Snippet: Bittersweet Week

This is one of the most difficult, bittersweet weeks of every year. It’s been 3 years since my dad and grandmother passed away and I can honestly tell you that it is still a little rough to handle. So what happens this week?: 8/26 – My middle daughter’s birthday (She also started her first day …

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Feb 14

Valentine’s Day with my Beauties

heart image

There are a million and one things that I could do tonight. Well, actually only about two, but still I have them to do if I desire. However, instead of going out on a date, I’ll be home spending the evening with my daughters. In the past, I would go out on dates or attend …

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Feb 22

Missing Child Alert: Tesia Isabel (My Friend’s Daughter)

“Sitting here watching the front door, wishing that the last 18 days have been a nightmare and she would come home as normal.” As I read this, a personal friend’s post, I could do nothing but cry. Their 15-year old daughter has been missing since early February. My heart breaks for them and I can …

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