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Oct 25

Please Help Me, Help My Business -Vote for Us

UPDATE – We did receive the needed number of votes. Thank you to all that voted for us. We’re currently waiting to hear the news from Mission on Main Street/Chase Bank. This is definitely a shameless business promotion, but if you know me, you know that’s not my style and I’m probably hyperventilating and having …

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Jan 25

Small Business Owners, Please Cut the Crap

closed sign

On two consecutive days, two separate business owners have blamed their failing businesses on other people- people who are not directly affiliated with the growth of their businesses. Subject 1 said, “The community didn’t support my business. I brought my business here to benefit this specific community.” Subject 2 said, “The organization that I’m leasing …

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Apr 15

Don’t Knock My Hustle

Downsizing and layoffs due to the recession have not only spawned a flux of new entrepreneurs, but has forced seasoned entrepreneurs to step up their “hustle”. By adding additional services to existing businesses and converting hobbies into businesses, there has been a significant increase in start-up businesses during the past few months. Many small businesses …

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