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Apr 24

What Color Are You?

I took Dewey Color System Career Test a few months ago. It’s supposed to be a career predictor. I thought it would be fun and interesting to know the results. These were my results. I received a best occupational category and a 2nd best occupational category. I’ve added my comments in blue. I just want …

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Apr 15

Don’t Knock My Hustle

Downsizing and layoffs due to the recession have not only spawned a flux of new entrepreneurs, but has forced seasoned entrepreneurs to step up their “hustle”. By adding additional services to existing businesses and converting hobbies into businesses, there has been a significant increase in start-up businesses during the past few months. Many small businesses …

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Jul 18

Just Take A Darn Risk!!

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I have taken many risks in my life so far. Some were calculated and most were not, but I do not regret anything. I just know what I probably should not do again. When things go wrong from me taking my less than calculated risks, I usually hear one of my friends (the same one …

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