Jun 08


no best friendApparently, today was National Best Friend Day. Well, I guess there’s no need for me to celebrate, because I don’t have a best friend. Am I weird? Do I have some type of psychological problem?

Don’t get me wrong, I have friends. I have quite a few people that will be there when I need them. I just don’t have that person that is ALWAYS there and I like it like that. I’m not socially isolated and I think I’m balanced, but when I tell some people that I don’t have a best friend, they nearly have a heart attack. Why?

I had a couple of best friends when I was a girl. To be honest, when I was younger, I didn’t like sleepovers or talking on the phone. As a young women, I was never the person that liked to ride with people to events…I’ll meet you there”. I go alone, because I like to leave when I’m ready to leave. I don’t like going to the bathroom in groups and the list goes on. As a woman now in my 40s, I think most of us don’t have time for all of that…I think. I LOVE people and I LOVE getting together with my girlfriends, whether it’s one or five. I just like to do it in moderation.

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