Aug 15

AWARD Resurrection | Open Mic Monday

“AWARD Resurrection”

I’ve done battle with Satan and his minions

their flesh has tasted my blade

formed from my sharp tongue

to be welcomed home by no hero’s parade

still a dark cloud hangs low

graying souls in the land

alone in a cave

I nurse wounds fatal to mortal man

calibrating my mental

for it seems

every battle must be fought as if a last stand

until the last grain of sand

leaves the world’s hourglass

and God is triumphant

my hand in his

pulling me towards heaven

while with my free limbs

I still ravage the wicked

writing this poetry and speaking his truth

dripping worldly sins from my ink;

my flesh still trying to find a use

cut by my own blade

Redemption merges with abuse.


AWARD Salvation



AWard the Poet

At the time I wrote this piece my business was crumbling and I was about to enter the corporate workforce. I had just found out I had a child on the way and there was quite a bit of uncertainty in my life. I felt alone with no one to turn to, but the common theme of much of my work surfaces, I will never give in. I will never quit. This poem is meant to be the leading piece on my return from hiatus. The title of which maybe a forthcoming book. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you and your readers.

AWard the poet (Alfred Ward)

You can find AWard on his website, Facebook, ReverbNation,  and of course Twitter

Open Mic Mondays was specifically created for guest blogger submissions of all kinds, general topics, music, photography, arts, entertainment, poetry, community/socially conscious efforts, etc. If you are interested in being a guest blogger, send and email to info[@]justtonyab.com.


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  1. elizabeth plaza

    Love it !!!! Especially the smile :)

  2. mariam York

    Very beautiful.

  3. T.bradley

    Ive known this a.ward for a while. He is easily the best poet in america.

  4. JustTonyaB

    Elizabeth, Mariam, and T.Bradley, thanks for commenting. T.Bradley, I must say that you have one of the best names out there…from one T.Bradley to another.

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