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Name: Tonya Bradley
Date registered: July 14, 2009


I'm a business owner and entrepreneur in the Houston, TX area.

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Apr 14

It’s Just a Blog, Right?

I had a business meeting with someone that I’ve never met in person, but she reads my blog. After the meeting, she asked me why I didn’t blog as much anymore. I was perplexed by her question for two reasons – I recently had this conversation with a fellow blogger and friend and I didn’t …

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Jan 21

The Eye of the Beholder

I begin each morning by checking my messages before even getting out of bed. It helps me set my schedule and determine how I should spend my day. This morning I had an email from a long time friend. I was actually happy to have received the email, but that happiness quickly changed to anger as I realized that I was being condemned for who I am. As many of you know, I really don’t like to be judged or criticized based on my natural way.

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Jan 07

“I Love You” Were Our Last Words

For the second time I yelled, “I love you daddy” into the phone, hoping he would comprehend. As clear as a bell, clearer than he’d spoken in weeks, he said, “I love you too.” Wednesday, December 30, 2009, is the very last day I spoke to my father; somehow, I knew it would be. After …

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Jan 03

Ode To Kris Brown: From My Facebook Friends

I don’t think that I’ve ever actually sat and watched Facebook statuses until today. What grasped my attention were the comments about the Houston Texans kicker Kris Brown.

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Dec 31

Tonya B is Resolution Free

As I enter a new day, a new month, a new year, a new decade – the first day of 2010, I am free of resolutions. I’m sure I won’t make it to the gym as often as I should…

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Oct 28

I’ve Been Ignoring My Owner’s Manual

Every time you suppress some part of yourself or allow others to play you small, you are in essence ignoring the owner’s manual your creator gave you and destroying your design”. -Oprah Winfrey I saw the quote above on Facebook this morning. I may take it out of context a little bit, but I do …

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