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Just Tonya B.

First photo shoot ever @ Discovery Green in Houston.
Debra Ham Photography
Hair: Janetta Alexander – Seba Salon (Who may not be too happy about the outdoor photo shoot on a windy day…sorry!)

I’m Tonya Bradley, a business owner, entrepreneur, and community advocate in Houston, Texas. I keep busy with various activities, but I diligently work toward fulfilling my dreams and helping others fulfill their dreams as well. I firmly believe that everyone should discover and follow their passions. Because of this, I’ve become a “warrior” for start-up and small businesses. I am an advocate for underserved communities, teen-pregnancy prevention, lupus awareness, and domestic violence awareness, as well as a supporter of public art and small business development. In addition to owning a marketing company, I have over 20 years of combined experience as a paralegal and artisan; I am a State of Texas certified Community Health Worker; the Board Secretary for HYPE Freedom Schools, Inc.; the Board Secretary for the Difference Makers; a member of the Texas Council on Family Violence, the NAACP, HAWCYL, and American Marketing Association

Some of my friends affectionately call me Little Lucy, as in the “I Love Lucy” TV show. I’ve certainly had more than a few experiences to live up to the name. I love my family and friends – I just simply enjoy people. I strongly believe that forming and maintaining positive relationships in life is one of the biggest components of happy and successful living.

Just Tonya B is a blog where I touch on different aspects of life, whether it be relationships, family, work, or just plain silliness. It all comes from a natural, honest, and sometimes quirky perspective. In life we experience great things, we go through rough periods, we have fun, we make mistakes, we grow, get better, and move on. I hope you enjoy reading Just Tonya B.


  1. Jacynda Marbury

    Tonya, I read your most recent 3 postings and was impressed with the development of your topic. I look forward to reading your older posts. God Bless!

  2. JustTonyaB

    Thanks Jacynda!! Now if only I could get this screen format to stay put, lol!

  3. JustTonyaB

    I probably should update this, it’s been 5 years.

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